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Amflow's Quality Management System is compliant with and third party audited to:

       ISO/IEC 80079-34 - Edition 2.0
Explosive Atmospheres - Application of quality management systems for Ex product manufacture.

Quality Management System is built on and compliant to ISO 9001 standards

Amflow has a valid Ex PQAN in place. 

Amflow uses in house PMI

(Positive Material Identification) 

X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy


Amflow's quality system provides complete traceability from raw stainless steel & titanium materials to final assembled product.

Raw material heat lot numbers are tracked for all parts. 

Steel works

316/316L & Titanium pressure vessel & wetted raw materials are melted and manufactured in

North America, United Kingdom,

The E.U. Japan or Australia.

Duplex 2205 & Super Duplex 2507 are from a Norsok M650 mill.

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